Synthia Simonsen


I coach smart women who want to feel physically and emotionally energized!

Welcome! As a certified life coach, I specialize in helping women intentionally energize their lives through:

Whether you're looking to improve a relationship, navigate a tricky situation, enhance your career, boost your self-confidence, or create a more balanced and fulfilling future, I'm here and committed to empowering you to get there. Together, we will celebrate your personal victories, create healthy boundaries, overcome setbacks, and cultivate resilience along the way. Through 1-on-1 coaching sessions I will help you explore your thoughts and prepare your mind to create the life you deserve and desire.

My coaching approach is built on trust, empathy, and non-judgment. I believe that you have the answers within you, and my role is to help you unlock them as you unleash your inner strengths and conquer obstacles that stand in your way. 

Through powerful questioning, active listening, and proven coaching techniques, I know I can help you. 

Through a combination of mindset coaching and personalized macro-based nutrition plans, I offer a 3-month program that features weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls, calculated macros, flexible dieting education, The Life Coach School's "Stop Overeating Program" tools, Synthia's "Busy-Mom-Eating-Protocol," weekly accountability, and a personalized workbook to help along the way as you:

To summarize, you'll learn how to create physical and emotional energy to empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. I'll work with you to create a nutrition plan that's tailored to your individual needs and preferences, so you can fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

My coaching approach is always supportive, non-judgmental, and focused on helping you create lasting change. Whatever you're looking for help with, I'm here to help you strengthen your mindset and support and coach you every step of the way. 

Let's talk! Click below to schedule a free consultation to decide if my program is right for you!